CAN Bus to Fiber Optic Converter(New Model)

CAN Bus to Fiber Optic Converter(New Model)

BE-CAN-FO CAN Over Fiber optic Converter(No Cascading)

Transmission rate:

The BE-CAN-FO series CAN bus to Fiber Converter support all the transmission speeds (transmission rates):0-1Mbps.The transmission rate is set automatically as soon as the canbus BE-CAN-FO receives a frame. The setting or adjustment is dependent on the transmission rate. The BE-CAN-FO CAN FO converter is developed out based on the growing market demand for CAN Bus long distance transmission without any cascading(attenuation).The BE-CAN-FO uses the most advanced new technology in the world,which is the foundation of the high rate transmission(1MB) over more than 20km without any cascading or delay.Thanks to the advanced technology and high performance,the BE-CAN-FO can be applied in very important projects and harsh places.

Segment monitoring at the optical line:

Each receiver monitors the optical line port connected to it for receceive frames and status. If faulty frames are received by the receiver, or no single for longer than the maximum permitted time, forwarding of the received signals is blocked until the port status is OK,frames can be received again correctly.

Network Topologies:

The following network topologies can be realized with the BE-CAN-FO:

Point-to-point topologies Multi-drop Bus

Fiber Mode: Single mode or Multi Mode

Feature and benefits:

Buffer function:The BE-CAN-FO CAN Bus Fiber Optic Converter can protect the data from being lost.The isolation inside the BE-CAN-FO can ensure the converters work normally under harsh environments.Anti-stream function,Buffering: 1000 frames.No cascading: The BE-CAN-FO has no cascading,no frame loss when data is at high rate or long distance transmission.

Reliablity: Compared with other brands,the BE-CAN-FO can help build up more stable and secure networks,it can maximumly reach 6500 frames/S.

Other Specs:

Technical Data
Voltage/power supply 9 to 30V DC
Operating voltage 9 V to 30 V DC, typ. 24 V,
Current consumption typ. 80 mA@24V>
Output voltage/current (Pin 6 Sub-D socket) 5 V +5%,–10%/ 90 mA
Signaling contact Signal transmission Max .switch DC24V@2A or   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Transmission rate 0-1Mbps
Setting transmission rate Automatic or Switch setting
Bit error rate < 10-9
Electrical port Terminal or DB9
Input/output signal CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B,ISO-11898
PIN assignment
Optical ports 1 or 2 (2 as standard)
Wavelength SM:1310 nm, MM:850nm

optical power:– in glass fiber 9/125um

– in glass fiber G 62.5/125

-9dBm  –  -18 dBm

-13 dBm –  -20 dBm

Receiver sensitivity -34dBm

Transmission distance:with glass fiber 9/125um

with glass fiber G 62,5/125

0 – 20,000 m (0.3 dB/km)

0 – 3,000 m  (2.0 dB/km)

Connector ST/FC/SC
Ambient temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
Storage temperature –40 °C to +85 °C
Relative humidity <95 %, non-condensing
Protection class IP 30
Dimensions (W x H x D) 29 x 86 x 155mm(W*D*H)
Housing material/Color Die-cast zinc/Black
Weight approx. 600 g

Limit class B (EN 55022)

EN 61000-4-2

EN 61000-4-3)

Burst:     On power supply lines and shielded RS 485 bus lines: ±2 kV (EN 61000-4-4)

Surge:  Power lines: ±1 kV symmetrical,Shielded RS 485 lines: ±2 kV asymmetrical (EN 61000-4-5)

Application: The BE-CAN-FO CAN Bus to Fiber Optic converter can be used in fire alarm system,radar system,security,industrial automation,solar palnt and other industrial fields.

Odering Information:

Model Number


Fiber No.

Fiber Mode

Fiber Connector


Point to point Link,Single Fiber(BI-DI), 2km


Multi Mode



Point to point Link,Dual Fiber, 2km


Multi Mode



Point to point Link,Single Fiber(BI-DI), 20km


Single Mode



Point to point Link,Dual Fiber, 20km


Single Mode


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