Facotors that might Interfere with GPS Signal and how to Work with Weak Signal GPS

GPS device relies on the radio signals sent by the GNSS network situated in earth's orbit. The GNSS regularly send signals to aid millions of GPS users. The accuracy of GPS depends on the GPS signal strength that may degrade due to several reasons. The article discusses weak signal GPS.


Current GPS – Optimal Satellite Positioning and Structure
Current GPS System

Millions of GPS users across the world are dependent on the signals sent by the GNSS network in the sky to achieve certain tasks that include determining their location, navigation, tracking something or someone, and mapping areas, among the many other applications of GPS. At the moment, GPS is divided into two categories: civilian and military. Accordingly, the GNSS send signals at L frequencies: L1 for civilians and L2 for sole military purpose.


L2 is highly encrypted and stronger to increase the accuracy of GPS for military. This provision has been made so that no terrorist organization can use the advanced signals on L2 frequency for destruction. Besides, the US reserves the right to alter or limit the signal strengths or angles for both frequencies if required. This is possible because NAVSTAR, the US owned GNSS is the only space based network that is fully functional.

The current GPS constellation is supported by 31 active satellites revolving around the earth in six different orbits, with a minimum of four satellites in each orbit. The GPS system makes sure that the earth based GPS devices and GPS servers receive signals from five or more satellites round the clock (even though a GPS device can function with signals from four satellites).

To enhance the accuracy of GPS device, the orbits are inclined at 55 degrees each, thereby facilitating different, yet direct (straight) paths for the signals to reach earth-based GPS devices without any hindrances. Still, there are several factors that interfere with the GPS signals to create a GPS blackout or to reduce the accuracy of GPS device. The next section checks out what interferes with a GPS signal.


Weak Signal GPS – What Interferes with a GPS Signal
The most common factor that interferes with a GPS signal is what is termed "Urban Canyon." The term refers to the high rise concrete buildings and skyscrapers that do not allow the signals to pass through them. These urban structures either totally