RS-485 Remote I/O Module(16 Digital Input)

RS-485 Remote I/O Module(16 Digital Input)

RS-485 Remote I/O Module with 16 Channels of Digital Iput

(RS485 IO 16 DI, ModuleModbus RTU Protocol)

Product Introduction (RS-6000M Series)

RS-6000M RS485-based data acquisition and control modules provide I/O, data acquisitions, and networking in one module to build a cost effective, distributed monitoring and control solution for a wide variety of applications. With RS485-based technology, RS-6000M series modules build up a cost-effective DA&C system for building automation, environmental monitoring, and manufacturing applications. Modbus has become a standard communication, and is now the most commonly available means of connecting industrial. This makes the RS-6000M series perfect for integration with HMI, SCADA, PLC and other software systems.

Product Features:

  1. 32 bits & 120M high speed CPU, the real time embedded OS.
  2. DI can read more than 600 times/second.
  3. Optocoupler isolation: Digital Input and Output.
  4. RS-485: Separate isolation
  5. Power or dual power(Analogue Modules): Independent isolation
  6. Surge protection: 15KV
  7. The analogue input: Magnetic coupling isolation and protection.
  8. The input voltage can be positive and negative, each channel has TVS and ESD protection.
  9. The measuring range can be shifted by software.
  10. The single end and differential can be shifted by software. Single end can be changed to 16 channels by software.
  11. The ID and baud rate can be adjusted by rotary button directly.
  12. Enclosure: shielded metal
  13. The differential sampling frequency can reach 50Hz/channel

Hardware Specification:

CPU 32-bit 120MIPS CPU
Operation System Real-Time
Watchdog Yes
Communication RS-6000M CAN-6000T NET-6000M


10/100 Base-TX

LED Display
Power Indicator Red
Run Indicator Green
Error Indicator Red
Link Indicator Green
Act Indicator  Yellow


(W x H x D)(mm)

Installation DIN-Rail mounting
Operating Temperature -20℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~+80℃
Power Requirements
Power Input +9V~30V DC
Power Consumption <3W


I/O Specification:

Model RS-6011M RS-6012M RS-6013M
Digital Input
Input Channels 16 8
Input Type Dry Contact Wet Contact Dry Contact Wet Contact
On Voltage Level Close to GND 0V~1V DC Close to GND 0V~1V DC
Off Voltage Level Open 3V~50V DC Open 3V~50V DC
Overvoltage Protection +70V +70V
Isolation  3750Vrms 3750Vrms
Digital Output
Output Channels 16 8
Output Type Sink, Open Collector(NPN) Sink, Open Collector(NPN)
Load Voltage  Max 50V DC Max 50V DC
Max Load Current 500mA/channel 500mA/channel
Isolation  3750Vrms 3750Vrms


Ordering Information:

Model Description
Digital I/O 
RS-6011M RS485 Remote I/O Module with16-ch DI
RS-6012M RS485 Remote I/O Module with16-ch DO
RS-6013M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 8-ch DI and 8-ch DO                              
Relay Output
RS-6014M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 5-ch Relay(Form A)
RS-6015M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 5-ch Relay(3-ch Form A, 2-ch Form C)
Analog Input 
RS-6021M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 12bit 16-ch Single End AI or 8-ch differential AI
RS-6022M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 16bit 16-ch Single End AI or 8-ch differential AI
Analog Output 
RS-6031M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 12bit 4-ch AO
RS-6032M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 16bit 4-ch AO
RS-6041M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 5-ch RTD
RS-6042M RS485 Remote I/O Module with 5-ch TC
RS-6088 RS485 Remote I/O Module with 16bit 8-ch Single End AI or 4-ch differential AI, 12bit 4-ch AO, 2-ch DI, 2-ch DO

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