Fast Circuit Breaking Control System

Fast Circuit Breaking Control System

Introduction about BE-IBS1000 Fast breaker control system.

City and rural distribution network of power reliability has been is power sector pursuit of a target, but, due to distribution network structure of complex and load of diversity, plus protection device of some defects, led to has in distribution network in the, once a user appeared fault, is will led to substation 10KV distribution line export protection action, occurred circuit breaker device trip, appeared big area blackout accident, has may caused personal hurt, and equipment damage and products scrap, economic loss. So, how to ensure that when a user fails 10KV power distribution network, sound judgment and correct the fault, without affecting the other users in the feeder circuit of power supply reliability, a key issue is the electricity sector that need to be solved.

In order to ensure the reliability of distribution network power supply, when the user fails, must be cut off as soon as possible points of failure, such as faults in its segment, or fault line is when the user switches inside time frame but its protection and substation protection occurred with no time, user-side breaker or the discrete nature of time, will cause the substation feeder switch protection tripping. If fault nature is permanent of, substation coincide not success, is a in the pressure user territories within of accident will makes whole article distribution line blackout, this in distribution network in the common of spread accident, this on led to has Dang user appeared fault Shi, caused the feed road outlet short-circuit device leapfrog trip, appeared big area blackout of accident, makes power in processing accident and economic compensation, aspects brings great of inconvenience.

Based on IGBT high-voltage side switch controller is the ideal equipment to solve spreading incidents mentioned above, the device is installed on the user's side, when a user fails, prompt removal of the point of failure, and ensure reliable power supply of the feeder circuit to another user.

Prtoduction Feature and Benefits:

The basic function of controller


• Reflect phase to phase fault-phase instantaneous trip protection and overcurrent (two parts). Independent setting of switching.

• Second harmonic restraint: the ability to distinguish between current and inrush current, ensure correct operation under fault conditions, current circumstances not to miss the action, especially suitable for multilevel switch and power supply circuit.

• Separate overcurrent acceleration section: mainly for accelerated after the closing.

• Overload protection.

• Reflect low resistance grounding system grounding fault of two-zero-sequence current protection setting for the trip or alarm.

• Low voltage protection

• Reclosing function three times. In addition to this protection can start outside the reclosing, also considered stealing jump starting reclosure of circuit breaker program. Select 0~3 time coincidence function, each overlapping time independent setting.

• Overcurrent inverse-time overcurrent protection.

Remote control functions:

• 3-channel remote signal into the acquisition (of which 2 can be configured as non-power input, 1-channel signal input).

• Switch remote control jump, closing.

• 2 way signal output.

Other features:

• Measuring voltage, current, power meter data, such as information acquisition, save to cloud server through GPRS.

• High speed RS485 PROFIBUS optional standard IEC101, statutes, transfer rate of up to 19.2kbps.

Technical Specifications of the main Controller:


No   Value Remark
1 Input voltage 220VAC The built in voltage transformer converts from first side

Permitted fluctuation range of

input voltage

3 Power cosumption 10W  

Sampling phase current

input values

0.01100A Second current’s more than 100A is allowed to saturate

Sample of zero-sequence current

input value


Zero-sequence second current’s more than 100A is 

allowed to saturate


The allowed sampling error value 

of power input 


Saturated zone is not confined


Inter-phase protection current’s setting 

value range


When it’s 0,the corresponding protection function is 

switched off


Inter-phase protection action’s 

latency time value

Adjustable 0.01100 Seconds

 Zero-sequence protection current’s 

setting value range


When it’s 0,the corresponding protection function is 

switched off


Zero-sequence protection action’s 

latency time value

07200s Adjustable
11 Reclosing times 0~3 times, adjustable When it’s 0,the reclsoure is off
12 The first reclosing time Adjustable 0.315 seconds
13 The 2nd and 3rd reclosing time Adjustable 0.350 seconds
14 Setting value error ±3%  
15 Insulation resistance 100MΩ/DC500V

1.Out terminal connected together to ground

2.Power input terminal to power and switch controller’s 

output terminals

3.Switc status input terminal to power and switch controller’s 

output terminal


power-frequency withstand voltage

2000V/1min Same as above
17 High voltage endurance

5000V1.2/50μS + or - three times 

1.Power and controller’s output terminal to ground

2.Power input terminal to ground




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