Huatai Securities Installed BE's NTP time servers

As a frequency, time, unified solutions provider, BE assisted in huatai securities recently. Fully illustrates the BE NTP server in terms of quality, performance, and reliability was highly recognition and trust. Our company will continue adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation in the quality first" principle, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers with high quality, high ratio of performance time and frequency products, services and solutions.

Huatai securities that huatai securities co., LTD., the predecessor to the securities company in jiangsu province, was founded in December 1990, is the first batch of the China securities regulatory commission approved the integrated brokerage, is also one of the earliest national qualification for innovative pilot brokerage.

Bueno Electric as a leader in R & D and production of the GPS NTP time server products, has years of experience in production of commercial, military equipment, the master must have manufacturing network time product core technology, is a leader in the field of the NTP server.

BE's network time server products are widely used in domestic securities industry, the main users include:  securities regulatory commission, the shenzhen stock exchange, the zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, the Shanghai gold exchange, China securities depository and clearing co., LTD., has information technology service co., LTD, China international capital corporation LTD., co., LTD., citic securities building, hongyuan funds, fund of an ancient name for China, jinrui futures, futures, etc., BE's NTP Time Server is the first choice for the securities industry in China.