Ethernet I/O Module(16 bit 8xSingle End AI(or 4xDifferential AI)+12bit 4xAI+2xDI+2xDO)

Ethernet I/O Module(16 bit 8xSingle End AI(or 4xDifferential AI)+12bit 4xAI+2xDI+2xDO)

Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 16 bit A/12bit AI/DI/DO

Modbus TCP Data Acquisition Module(16 bit 8xSingle End AI(or 4xDifferential AI)+12bit 4xAI+2xDI+2xDO)

Product Introduction (NET-6000M Series)

NET-6000M Ethernet-based data acquisition and control modules provide I/O, data acquisitions, and networking in one module to build a cost effective, distributed monitoring and control solution for a wide variety of applications. With Ethernet-based technology, NET-6000M series modules build up a cost-effective DA&C system for building automation, environmental monitoring, and manufacturing applications. Modbus has become a standard communication, and is now the most commonly available means of connecting industrial. This makes the NET-6000M series perfect for integration with HMI, SCADA, PLC and other software systems.

Hardware Specification:

CPU 32-bit 120MIPS CPU
Operation System Real-Time
Watchdog Yes
Communication RS-6000M CAN-6000T NET-6000M


10/100 Base-TX

LED Display
Power Indicator Red
Run Indicator Green
Error Indicator Red
Link Indicator Green
Act Indicator Yellow


(W x H x D)(mm)

Installation DIN-Rail mounting
Operating Temperature -20℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~+80℃
Power Requirements
Power Input +9V~30V DC
Power Consumption <3W

I/O Specification:

Model NET-6088M
Analog Input
Input Channels 8-ch Single End or 4-ch Differential
Input Type Single End or Differential
Input Range

±10V, ±5V, ±1.25V

0-20mA(External 250ohm Resistor Needed)

4-20 mA(External 250ohm Resistor Needed)

Input Impedance > 10M(voltage), 250 ohm (current)
Resolution 16-bit
Accuracy ±0.01%
Sampling Rate

All channels: 8 samples/sec

Per channel: 1samples/sec

Isolation 2500V

Built-in TVS/ESD Protection

±4 kV Contact for each terminal

Analog Output
Output Channels 2
Output Range ±10V, ±5V, 0V~5V, 0V~10V
Resolution 12-bit
Accuracy ±0.1%
Isolation 2500V

Built-in TVS/ESD Protection

±4 kV Contact for each terminal

Digital Input
Input Channels 2
Input Type Dry Contact Wet Contact
On Voltage Level Close to GND 0V~1V DC
Off Voltage Level Open 3V~50V DC
Overvoltage Protection +70V
Isolation 3750Vrms
Digital Output
Output Channels 2
Output Type Sink, Open Collector(NPN)
Load Voltage Max 25V DC
Max Load Current 100mA/channel
Isolation 3750Vrms
Input Channels 8

Ordering Information:

Odering Information (RS-6000M Series)

Model Description
Digital I/O
NET-6011M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with16-ch DI
NET-6012M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with16-ch DO
NET-6013M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 8-ch DI and 8-ch DO
Relay Output
NET-6014M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 5-ch Relay(Form A)
NET-6015M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 5-ch Relay(3-ch Form A, 2-ch Form C)
Analog Input
NET-6021M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 12bit 16-ch Single End AI or 8-ch differential AI
NET-6022M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 16bit 16-ch Single End AI or 8-ch differential AI
Analog Output
NET-6031M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 12bit 4-ch AO
NET-6032M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 16bit 4-ch AO
NET-6041M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 5-ch RTD
NET-6042M Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 5-ch TC
NET-6088 Ethernet Remote I/O Module with 16bit 8-ch Single End AI or 4-ch differential AI, 12bit 4-ch AO, 2-ch DI, 2-ch DO

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